Embracing the Past – Securing our Future

We are dedicated to maintaining, preserving and creating appreciation of the PV community heritage.

Linking the community’s past to the present.

Join the Palos Verdes Heritage Preservation in fighting to preserve the unique history and cultural inheritance of the Palos Verdes community.

Historic preservation aims at linking a community’s past to its present. It establishes a sense of permanence and continuity by defining the community’s unique cultural inheritance.

By protecting our heritage, we will ensure that future generations see and experience the legacy left behind by past generations.

They will see around them the hand of many builders, artisans, and architects, and feel the connection to people and events of the past.

Palos Verdes Heritage Preservation seeks to maintain our:

Press & Preservation Work

In the last few years Joan Davidson has been passionate about the historic preservation of the significant sites and landmarks built within the Palos Verdes peninsula since its founding in 1923.

Joan and the growing number of similarly passionate individuals are continuing this journey to protect and educate the community in the legendary endowment that is called Palos Verdes.

Originally purchased by Frank Vanderlip, the entire peninsula has evolved into the four cities that presently make up the Palos Verdes community with each city contributing to our unique heritage.

In 2018 Joan embarked on obtaining the National Register status for the Mirlo Gate Tower on Via Valmonte in Palos Verdes Estates built in 1925.

In performing intensive research into the history of Palos Verdes, Joan has gained a special understanding of the famous architects and leaders that were instrumental in promoting and planning our community.

In applying this insight, Joan Davidson is creating the PV Heritage Preservation organization to preserve, protect, and safeguard all of our Palos Verdes heritage for many generations to come.

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